Beauty Is No Longer Ours

Beauty is no longer ours
When it enters the world
With eyes to see, it belongs
Not to us, but to them

We Love So Much

We love so much
And feel too much
That we end up
On most days
Feeling nothing
But the slow burn
Of exhaustion

On The Edge Of A Dream

On the edge of a dream
I lived a thousand lives
With her by my side

And when I awoke
She was gone
Like the breeze

We’re All Connected

We’re all connected in more ways than
we’ll ever imagine. Like lightning
striking from the sky. Or that spark that
lights a fire. Like the way she whispers
your name in the dark. Or how the beach
waves ride up to the shore on a moonless
night. Even the delicate chaos created
from a butterfly’s wings.

Among The Islands

Among the islands
Of friends and gratitude
I found my refuge

The Shadows Are Silent Tonight

The shadows are silent tonight
Where streetlights are too bright
So I stay inside my room alone
And cage my soul in loneliness

I Marvel At Your Existence

I marvel at your existence—
How do you nourish yourself
You must be so ravenous
Do you devour the sun, like I would
If you were within my reach

Give Me Your Dreams

Give me your dreams
And let me hold them
Protect them in my palms
Where you and them
Will be safe to live
And to love again

For Tonight

For tonight—
Let us pretend
What we have
Is enough

Very well
That we can
Never go back

All Is Lost And Heartbroken

All is lost and heartbroken
On soft lips that pulled away
And for a moment you stayed
But I know all stars move on
When the night fades

I Who Have Nothing

I who have nothing
To give you but
This broken heart

This poor, aching organ
I hold with me always
Never letting go

Close enough for you
To hear my every thought
And secret, until it becomes
Yours as well

I Don't Want to Send Letters Anymore

I don't want to send you letters anymore
With my words sinking like stones
To the bottom of your heart
I don't want to knock on your door
And wait for you to answer
Hoping that maybe this time, this visit—
You'll say something different

Sorrow Is A Familiar Feeling

Sorrow is a familiar feeling
Like the white noise of the world
It is here that I find myself
As my tears meet the ocean
Salt against my lips

It All Happened Too Quickly

It all happened too quickly
Like a fireplace ember glowing bright
Only to fade away with the drift of smoke
And like that too, the smile on their face is
But a memory of what we use to love

Hurt People Are Hard To Love

Hurt people are hard to love, because
they've built a wall around their hearts
and there's no doorway to enter.

Sometimes, we need to climb that wall
to help them break free. To show them
there's a way out.

Home Is Where The Heart Is

They say home is where the heart is
But sometimes home lies in your dreams—
Where all the world you're not familiar with, but still love, can be seen
"It's magical", that's how I'd describe a dream
The things you've never done or been before are suddenly real
But home can also be in the ground—
Where you lay flowers to cover up the reality of what used to be
Once it was a house where everyone laughed, but now
There's nothing left behind but memories and remnants of love
Then sometimes home is in someone else's arms—
Behind a locked front door, a bedroom just for two
It's where you're safe, where you feel loved—
But it can be the opposite too
It can be the last place you'd expect
Not far from where you're standing now
You could open your eyes and find that—
Home is not a place at all
But a feeling, this is where you belong